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Thursday Aug 22 2019 Industry Experts

Is your law firm using the most efficient process when checking for winding up petitions?

Prior to the emergence of our winding up search solution, the only way to check the winding up petition status of a company was to either call Companies Court, or outsource this task to a team elsewhere, whether that be in the UK or offshore.
Friday Jul 19 2019 Company News

Original & established provider of real-time winding up searches

We provide winding up searches to 500+ banks and law firms.
Friday Jan 11 2019 Industry Experts

Why you should use one provider for business & property information

There’s a good reason why most people in the UK choose to shop at supermarkets. It’s a lot less hassle, and you can get everything you need in one visit. It cuts out the need to make separate visits to a bakery, greengrocers and other individual shops. We believe that obtaining business and property information should be just as convenient as the analogy above.
Friday Jan 11 2019 Industry News

New laws enabling home addresses at Companies House to be removed

New Government changes to data suppression laws will make it easier for company directors to remove home addresses from publicly available company documents. These changes are amid reports that fraudsters are utilising this information to commit identity fraud by posing as company directors and purchasing products online. Another concern is that the information is making company directors vulnerable to intimidation and acts of violence.