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Monday Oct 14 2019 Company News

Are conveyancers ready for regulatory change?

The legal sector has been tasked with adapting to myriad regulatory changes in 2019.
Monday Oct 07 2019 Industry Experts

Companies House Reform – what, why and when?

In May this year, Companies House announced plans to radical reform the register that will impact almost all companies in the UK. They have described it as the biggest change since the registry was setup in 1844.
Wednesday Oct 02 2019 Industry News

Environmental Searches: Unearthing the Unseen Threats

Contaminated land; ground stability; flood risks and other environmental factors like power lines and phone masts may not be at the forefront of a potential buyer’s mind when making their home purchase. However, they could prove to be decisive factors once the homeowner is established in their home and the gloss of moving has worn off.
Monday Sep 30 2019 Industry Experts

5 Must-Haves for Effective Law Practice Management

Law practice management is a demanding field. It takes a lot of effort, time, and patience. Fortunately, there are tools that alleviate the exacting nature of the profession. Effective law practice management is not limited to legal case management software, though. There are also other kinds of applications that expedite the job of a legal professional.
Tuesday Sep 24 2019 Industry Experts

Challenges conveyancers are facing in 2019

The overwhelming feeling within the property market in 2019 has been one of trepidation, uncertainty and reducing confidence.
Monday Sep 16 2019 Industry Experts

A look at legislative changes in the property market and their implications

With a number of high-profile changes to legislation in the property market already made this year and more come we examine their impact on conveyancers
Thursday Sep 05 2019 Industry Experts

Essential software every solicitor needs

Over the course of two decades, the average law firm has been transformed by technology. From the finance department to client interactions, there are few areas of the firm that remain untouched by all that software brings to the table.
Wednesday Sep 04 2019 Case study

Case Study: Winding Up Searches for Birketts

When Top 100 UK law firm Birketts were found themselves spending endless hours calling Companies Court they thought there must be a better solution – that’s where we stepped in.
Friday Jul 26 2019 Company News

GlobalX launches new Court Docket tracking service

At the beginning of July, our Corporate Search business development manager, Peter Booth, received an email out of the blue about whether we could track court cases? Before he could respond and establish what exactly was the issue, another three clients had emailed about the same thing.
Saturday Jul 20 2019 Companies House

Companies House Service comes out of beta but is it complete?

After four years, Companies House Services has finally come out of beta.
Friday Mar 29 2019 Company House

Companies House Update – Written contact with new Directors

Delivering the deal negotiated with the EU remains the government’s top priority. This has not changed. However, the government must prepare for every eventuality, including a no deal scenario. For 2 years, the government has been implementing a significant programme of work to ensure that the UK is prepared to leave the EU on 29 March 2019.
Wednesday Jan 16 2019 Industry Experts

No-deal Brexit guidance: Data protection

The Law Society has published guidance for solicitors that highlights the changes in civil and commercial cooperation that will occur should the UK leave the EU on 29 March 2019 without having reached an agreement with the EU.
Friday Jan 11 2019 Industry News

SuDS Update to Welsh LAs

As you are already aware, the Order commencing Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 for Wales was made on 1 May 2018.
Friday Jan 04 2019 Industry News

New SuDS Legislation to be Implemented in Wales

As of January 7th 2019, schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 will be enacted in Wales. This schedule relates to how Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can be used to deliver multiple benefits, including: flood risk reduction, an improvement in water quality, and enhancing biodiversity.
Friday Aug 30 2019 Industry News

The latest HM Land Registry Price Paid Data shows a 12% increase in land and property sales during July

The data contained within the most recent HM Land Registry Price Paid data shows a 12% increase in sales. This is based on over 95,500 sales of land and property in England and Wales during July, compared to 85,493 in June.