Case Study: Winding Up Searches for Birketts

Published by GlobalX

Wednesday Sep 04 2019 Case study

When Top 100 UK law firm Birketts were found themselves spending endless hours calling Companies Court they thought there must be a better solution – that’s where we stepped in.

Like a lot of law firms, Birketts were fed up of spending endless hours calling Companies Court for a winding up search. They thought they must be a better solution – that’s where we stepped in.


Birketts is a full service, top 100 UK law firm, based in the East of England, with offices in Cambridge, Chelmsford, Ipswich and Norwich. With a rich heritage spanning over 150 years they have built an enviable track record advising businesses, institutions and individuals in the UK and internationally.

Over 600 people are engaged in the business and their lawyers and support staff all have a shared commitment to deliver the best possible outcome for their clients.

The problem

Birketts found themselves spending large amounts of unbillable time checking for winding up petitions. The duration of time it would take to obtain results was unpredictable, and largely dependent on how busy the premium rate lines were at Companies Court. There was also the added frustration of only being able to check three companies at a time. In some cases, key resource would spend hours on the phone to Companies Court, only receiving a verbal yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Birketts knew there had to be a more efficient way.

The Solution

Our corporate team worked closely with Carole and her colleagues at Birketts, creating a bespoke package to meet their requirements. By using our Winding Up Search service, Birketts LLP were able to turn a frustrating and inefficient process into one that is slick and reliable.

Rather than making multiple calls to Companies Court, Birketts now have a consistent and streamlined process for checking the winding up status of a company. They simply access our user-friendly online ordering platform where orders are placed within seconds. Results are then received in PDF format via email and can easily be saved or printed for audit trail purposes.

What Birketts say about us

Birketts has been using GlobalX for a number of years now and the quality and range of their services is excellent, and so is their customer care. Their website is extremely user-friendly producing quick and efficient results, and the CourtCheX service in particular is one we would highly recommend.

Describe your experience working with GlobalX and why you would recommend them GlobalX provides Birketts with necessary information in quick order, which is important when working to tight deal timescales. Birketts regularly uses theCourtChex (Winding Up Searches) and the Insolvency Plus services. The results are received within 15 minutes and areproduced in a clear report, with the recent addition of the summary on the front page of report being particularly helpful.

If we have any queries on reports / results received, we have always been able to speak to GlobalX on the telephone quickly and found the GlobalX's representatives to be very professional and helpful in clarifying and answering our queries.

As well as the services included in Birketts' bespoke GlobalX package, we have on occasions contacted GlobalX in relation to specific enquiries, such as bankruptcy searches in other jurisdictions. Again, GlobalX’s representatives look into such queries quickly consulting with bodies in other jurisdictions within its network, as required.

What problems has GlobalX solved for Birketts?

GlobalX’s Winding Up solution has saved Birketts significant time as we are no longer required to spend time on the telephone to Companies Court. In addition, we do not have to factor such significant time into our deal completion timetable and can order Winding Up reports in less than two minutes. We have confidence in the results we receive from GloblalX, which are presented in a concise and easy to read report.

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