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Sunday Apr 19 2020 Industry News

Groundsure launch Combined Con29M and Mine Entry Report

Groundsure have announced the release of their new Con29M and Mine Entry report (MER). The new report combines two of the existing products into one easy to order and easy to read comprehensive document.
Monday Mar 16 2020 Industry Experts

Efficient Operations: How Workflow Automation Benefits Your Business

Learn about workflow automation, tools, and processes and how the use of workflow software and strategies create highly efficient businesses.
Monday Mar 16 2020 Industry News

Specialist Flood Searches Now A Priority

Climate change is causing wetter winters and more adverse summer conditions, prompting many organisations to upgrade the risk of flooding to both commercial and residential property.
Monday Mar 09 2020 Industry Experts

Why Stamp Duty Land Tax is so important to the economy

With SDLT receipts declining something needs to be done to reinvigorate the market if the Governments is going to close the gap in its budget.
Sunday Feb 09 2020 Industry News

Why the spring budget needs to stimulate UK property growth

The Spring Budget is on the horizon with a plethora of stakeholders in the property sector calling on the government to prioritise the housing market by implementing bold approaches to help all potential movers.
Tuesday Mar 03 2020 Industry News

The Changing Guidance for Conveyancers and its Impact

The home buying and selling process is based on foundations of trust. Trust that the buyer has the necessary funds to afford the transaction and trust that the vendors have revealed everything they know that could affect the transaction and prevent it from completing.
Thursday Feb 27 2020 Industry News

Why Law Firms outsource their due diligence searches

In recent years there has been an ever-increasing requirement on law firms to conduct extensive, in-depth due diligence on their clients and on behalf of their clients.
Wednesday Feb 26 2020 Industry News

Our climate is changing so is the risk of flooding

The world came to know a steadfast young lady called Greta Thunberg in 2019. The Swedish teenager and climate change activist who inspired global student school strikes earlier this year has criticised governments across the world of failing future generations.
Thursday Feb 20 2020 Industry Experts

The Increasing Importance of Educating First-Time Buyers about Property Fraud

First-time buyers (FTB) were one of most significant buyers segments 2019 that helped prop up the market.
Friday Feb 14 2020 Industry Experts

Conveyancing Searches – what are they?

Conveyancing searches are a vital part of the house purchasing process but not many homebuyers understand what they are and why they are required.
Wednesday Feb 12 2020 Industry News

The UK’s Construction Sector Weathers Brexit Storm

The construction sector remains an integral cog in the property market and one that should be nurtured through any difficult times.
Wednesday Feb 05 2020 Industry Experts

3 Tips to Ensure your Customer Due Diligence Process is Client Friendly

To meet your KYC and AML obligations, you need to carry out identity checks on your clients. These processes can become tiresome as you may have to ask your clients for a great deal of personal information, something they might find intrusive and bothersome if carried out ineffectively.
Friday Jan 31 2020 Industry News

The Queen’s Speech and the Property Sector

Whilst the public usually ready themselves for the annual festive speech delivered by the Queen on Christmas Day, parliamentary difficulties meant that the public were treated to two preludes as the Queen was forced to introduce the intentions of her newly formed government.
Friday Jan 31 2020 Companies House

Reporting a PSC discrepancy to Companies House

On 10 January 2020, the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) came into force in the UK. One of its many new directives included that 'obliged entities' were required to report discrepancies in the information they held on beneficial owners compared with was on the official People with Significant Control register.
Monday Jan 13 2020 Industry News

Environmental Changes and their impact on the property market

The UK climate is changing and with it a myriad of increasing pressures piled onto central government, local authorities and the property sector.