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Monday Jan 13 2020 Industry News

Last-time buyers: the hidden property market

With the UK property market in a bit of slump there has been much discussion around how to ignite it. There has been a lot of talk about incentives for first-time buyers but what last-time buyers?
Monday Jan 13 2020

What can be done to prevent cyber fraud in conveyancing

Cyber criminals have long targeted law firms with a variety of scams, with conveyancing being a particular favourite because of the large sums of money that are routinely transferred between accounts.
Wednesday Jan 16 2019 Industry Experts

Adopting new technologies - where to begin?

When it comes to choosing new technologies, a lot of law firms don't have the internal IT resources to help. It can often come down to heads of departments, impacting on billable time, or practice managers to conduct the research and due diligence required.
Thursday Jan 02 2020 Industry News

A look at property sector forecasts for 2020

The property sector and the wider economy are inextricably linked. Given the political turmoil and uncertainty around Brexit at the end of 2019, it is easy to see the next decade starting with past issues still shackled to it.
Monday Dec 30 2019 Industry Experts

Boosting productivity through process mapping

In the first decade of the 21st century, the collaborative delivery of work has increased to more than four billion man-hours per month. One of the consequences is what has become known as ‘office paralysis,’ i.e. the lack of timely collaboration across workplace boundaries.
Tuesday Dec 24 2019 Case study

How we helped a Private Equity firm streamline their KYC

Read about how we helped one of Europe’s largest Private Equity firms raise a record round of fundraising by streamlining their KYC and AML investigations.
Monday Dec 23 2019 Industry Experts

What is a Local Authority Search?

A local authority search is one of the key searches that conveyancers should undertake on a property. It consists of information on behalf of the local council regarding the property, the local area and any future planned developments.
Monday Dec 23 2019 Industry News

A review of the 2019 Property Market

The UK legal sector weathered the storm of Brexit uncertainty, a general election and myriad regulatory changes throughout 2019.
Wednesday Dec 18 2019 Industry News

The adapting landscape of lending

Lending in the mortgage sector has been driven overwhelmingly by political uncertainty in recent years. With the impact of Brexit still uncertain, many buyers and sellers have opted to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach resulting in a contracting property market.
Saturday Dec 18 2021 Industry Experts

What is a Legal Case Management System?

A Case Management System is a popular category of software used within the legal sector that assists law firms with managing their cases. The typical features of a case management system are the ability to create and manage clients, create related matters and store documents. Some more advanced systems also include time tracking, documentation automation and contract management.
Tuesday Dec 17 2019 Industry Experts

Making The Conveyancing Process Fit For Consumers

At the start of 2019 the Government released a briefing paper on ‘Improving the Home Buying and Selling Process in England.’
Companies House AML update 2019
Monday Dec 16 2019 Companies House

Companies House AML update 2019

Following on from our previous article on changes at Companies House, we will examine the advice being given out regarding the impact of the Fourth and Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive.
Thursday Dec 10 2020 Industry News

The Rise of Reservation Agreements

House sale fall throughs can have devastating financial and emotional effects on the buyers and sellers who invest so much time and energy into the sale only for it to fail before the exhausting process completes.
Tuesday Dec 10 2019 Industry Experts

Communication, Conveyancing and the Property Sector

Communication between key stakeholders is a fundamental facet of the home buying and selling process. Unfortunately, public perception suggests the property market is fragmented and self-preserving rather than working to improve the speed, efficiency and experience for all concerned.
FCI release new planning products
Friday Nov 29 2019 Industry News

FCI release new planning products

Future Climate Info have released have launched a range of planning products for residential conveyancing.