Why you should use one provider for business & property information

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Friday Jan 11 2019 Industry Experts

There’s a good reason why most people in the UK choose to shop at supermarkets. It’s a lot less hassle, and you can get everything you need in one visit. It cuts out the need to make separate visits to a bakery, greengrocers and other individual shops. We believe that obtaining business and property information should be just as convenient as the analogy above.

By streamlining your products and services through one trusted information provider, your legal firm could benefit from a host of advantages. In this article, we provide insight into what some of these are, and explore them in more detail.

Less administration and a single point of contact

Many legal firms spend significant amounts of time and resource just handling the administration of their supplier relationships. This becomes even more of a problem If you’re in an organisation where resource is limited and must juggle this with more important duties. Using one provider enables you to significantly reduce administration time and forge a strong relationship with a single point of contact. Having a single point of contact means you won’t suffer from differing standards of service and support.

A simpler ordering process

There is little more frustrating than having to login and logout of various online ordering portals. That’s without mentioning the need to remember numerous usernames and passwords. Using one information provider means you can order all your information in one place, whether that be a conveyancing search, winding up search or an AML check.

Increased efficiencies and simpler invoicing

Using a single information provider will not only help you increase the efficiency of ordering, it will also enable you to simplify invoicing and make it easier to keep costs under control. No more need to process 10 payments to 10 different suppliers.

Less staff training required

When you use multiple providers, your staff will require different training for each individual ordering platform. In addition to this, the time it takes for staff to get to grips with products and services will increase.

A bespoke solution

Using one provider for all your conveyancing searches and business information will allow you to have more control over the service you receive. In our case, we provide integrated information services for some of the UK’s largest law firms. This option means they can completely tailor what we deliver for them, adding additional products and services as and when they are required.

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