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Monitor any UK incorporated company

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Company Monitoring

CHS alerts
  • Monitor any UK incorporated company for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Get notified when your company files a new document
  • Tailor which documents you monitor
  • Download all filed documents in PDF for FREE






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Never miss out on critical information again with our Companies Monitoring

Tracking when a company files a new document on Companies House has never been easier with our monitoring and automated alerts system.

We make it simple to monitor single or multiple entities, giving control over how long and what you want.

right documents

Get only the documents you want

We give you granular control of the category of document you desire. We offer 16 different category types from change-of-constitution, insolvency, mortgage charges, to annual returns.


Delivered directly to your inbox

When new documents are filed, you'll receive an instant email that contains a direct link to download it for FREE. There's no need to log into our system or Companies House and search around for it. You can also specify more than one recipient meaning new alerts reducing the chance of crucial information being missed.


Track multiple companies easily

UK business structures can be quite complicated, with most businesses having numerous subsidiaries. Our online platform allows you to add multiple companies to the same monitoring order, including the option to upload large volumes at once from a single CSV.

How our clients use Company Monitoring

Some of our clients have used it when dealing with complex M&As, monitoring the parties involved. The last thing you want during tough negotiations are any surprises such as new directors or shareholders that could impact the deal.

Others have used it as part of their enhanced due diligence checks, monitoring for any changes in circumstances post onboarding. Others simply want to get the latest accounts sent to them instantly without having to remember to check CHS.

No matter the use case – our service makes it simple for you to get ONLY the information you want, delivered directly to your inbox.

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How to order

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Choose the company or companies you'd like to start monitoring and for how long.

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Choose what type documents you'd like to get alerts for or even everything

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Get alerts when new documents are filed with a quick link to the file itself

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