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Companies House Complete

Combining CHD PLUS
  • A FREE* service combining CHD & CHS (beta) on one intuitive platform
  • Reduces risk by highlighting differing filing histories between CHS (beta) & CHD
  • Instant document retrieval means no waiting around for your documents
  • Order missing documents that are not available on CHS (beta)


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for missing documents while CHS charge £3


One Stop

filing histories between CHS (beta) and CHD

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CHC- Companies House Complete

CHC is a unique report created by GlobalX, compiling company documents from the Companies House Service platform, CHS(Beta) and the Companies House Direct site into one PDF document. Our solution gives access to the full range of documents available in both CHS and CHD in one place. CHC, as well as making it ridiculously easy to order documents, will also compare and contrast the filing histories of CHS & CHD and will highlight any differences between the two, thus reducing risk of missing any important documents that may be on one database and not the other.

Available documents are delivered to you in a matter of seconds. Say goodbye to the frustrations of downloading and saving documents individually!

Our fast and intuitive ordering platform shows all available CHS & CHD documents in one place, making it the only website you’ll need to visit for Companies House documents.

*Documents that are required to be ordered from CHD will cost £1. This service is only available to clients that use our CourtCheX, Company Document Packages and/or International Company reports.

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Why Choose CHC

best price

More complete documents

CHC has the added benefit of fulfilling missing documents from the CHS Beta service and retrieving these images from CHD.

Intergrated services

Competitive package

We charge only £1 for missing documents with no phone call required while CHS charge £3 with phone call required.


Results delivered in seconds

We promise you that all compliling company documents are delivered instantly. Currently CHS Beta (QuickDoX) search covers Active Companies and the past 6 years of Dissolved Companies. We can only supply documents that are available from the filing history held at Companies House. If older documents are required then extra charges may be incurred.

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Build your own Company Document Packages

Our real time service places you in complete control of building your own document packages. By selecting the individual company documents that you require, you are tailor making your own bespoke package, ensuring that you are only receiving the information that is needed.

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