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Companies House Complete

The complete UK company
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Our fast and intuitive ordering platform shows all available Companies House Services & Companies House Direct documents in one place, making it the only website you’ll need to visit for a complete company filing history.

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What is Companies House Complete?

Did you know that not all documents are available on Companies House’s website? Some documents are still only available from their older system, Companies House Direct, that isn’t available to everyone.

Companies House Complete (CHC) was developed by GlobalX to solve the problem of having to search both Companies House Direct (CHD) & Companies House Services (CHS) for UK company information.

We developed our unique online platform to allow you to search both websites at once and create your own packages combining documents from the two different data sources.

As well as making it ridiculously easy to order and create your own documents packages, our software also compares the filing histories of CHS & CHD and will highlight any differences between the two, thus reducing risk of missing any important documents that may be on one database and not the other.

Our advanced technology means documents are delivered to you in a matter of seconds in a single bookmarked PDF. Say goodbye to the frustrations of downloading and saving documents individually!

*Documents that are required to be ordered from CHD will cost £1. This service is only available to clients that use our services such as Winding Up Searches, Combined Company Document Packages and/or International Company reports.

Unique benefits of Companies House Complete

  • Reduces risk by highlighting differing filing histories between Companies House Services & Companies House Direct
  • We charge only £1 for missing documents with no phone call required while CHS charge £3 with a phone call required
  • Instant document retrieval means no waiting around for your documents or calling Companies House to retrieve
  • Advanced filtering that goes way beyond Companies House’s offering making it easy to find the documents you want for companies with complex and extensive histories
  • Easily add advanced Company Monitoring to your orders from just £1 a month and automatically get new documents delivered to your inbox
  • Our real time service places you in complete control of building your own document packages by selecting the individual company documents that you require.
Companies House Complete

Awards & Industry Associations

welsh Legal awards winner 2019 welsh business awards finalist Legal software supplier association UK ProTech Association the city legal information group BIALL The association of company registration agents
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