How we help law firms save time on searches

Published by Peter Booth

Wednesday Nov 06 2019 Industry Experts

We’ve been a leading provider of company information for over 30 years building up an extensive library of legal searches but we offer much more than just searches. We want to help our clients get ahead by providing a tailored service and innovative solutions that will help boost your productivity.

One source for all your needs

From international searches to AML checks and now court docket tracking - we offer almost a hundred different searches and packages. You’d be hard-pressed to find a vendor that offers such a comprehensive library of legal searches as we do. This means instead of having to deal with multiple different vendors you can get everything you need from one place with a dedicated account manager on hand to assist with any queries.

Personalised packages & portals

The customer journey is extremely important to us and our goal is to make getting information as easy as possible. Which is why we offer the ability to fully personalise your ordering platform to show only the products you want.

And we don’t just restrict you to a single personalised portal. You can setup different portals for different offices or teams so your real estate can quickly order a winding up search. Our clients love this feature as it means there’s far less training and documentation required as everything is so easy to find.

Instant logins

Managing multiple users across multiple offices can be very time consuming. We get it, Professional Support Lawyers, knowledge specialists and librarians aren't IT support. Which is why we’ve developed a method to authenticate users from your firm granting them instant access without having to set up any new users or passwords while still being to track who placed an order.

Automated searches & alerts

Automation doesn't have to be complicated and often the simpler, the better. Our suite of monitoring and tracking products will take the hassle out of repetitive tasks. Our Company Monitoring service can automatically send you alerts whenever there’s changes to filings on Companies House such as when a director has steps down and Court Docket tracking can remove the burden of having to send clerks every day to the courts.

Simple disbursement

We've built our online ordering platform so each order can be easily assigned to a fee earner or case making reconciliation simple and hassle-free. We offer all our services on a pay-as-you-go basis so you don't have to work out how to split expensive subscription across departments or write searches off as an expense.


We’ve made ordering easy but what document management? We’ve got that covered to. Through 1st or 3rd party integration we deliver our data and documents directly into your document management platforms like iManage or practice management systems like Peppermint. Our inhouse team of developers will work with your providers to develop a solution that delivers a seamless solution.

If you’re finding legal searches stressful or sourcing company information complex, then speak to one of our expert consultants. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have or demo our platform. To get in touch call 0800 197 1757 or contact us online