5 Productivity Methods to Implement in Your Business

Published by Jonathan Bennett

Thursday Mar 19 2020 Industry Experts

Research shows that during a typical eight-hour workday, the average person is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes.

Would you say the same is true at your firm?

There are plenty of productivity methods that can improve you and your teams' functionality and help everyone stay on task. Modern techniques are fuelled by technology and automation that make their jobs easier and quicker than ever before.

Today, we're exploring five tech-driven approaches you can try to gain efficiencies and reduce downtime. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

1. Block Distracting Websites

It’s very easy to get distracted with the wealth of information and resources on the internet. We all need to use the internet as part of day, its unavoidable. What may start as genuine research can quickly lead you to wasting time on unrelated matters.

One way to make sure you stay focused is to download a simple browser extension to block access to distracting websites. You can find a variety of these extensions online, offering different options that range from a total web blackout to social media channels only.

In addition, most extensions will also let you:

  • Set daily time limits for each website
  • Block websites during specific hours of the day
  • Override existing settings and block certain sites for the time period you set

2. Automate Manual Tasks

Automation is quickly replacing a lot repetitive and time-consuming efforts across a range of industries, freeing up workers to get on with more important tasks.

Take the time to assess which activities your spending the most time and whether these could be replaced by simple automation.

From project scheduling and invoicing to email marketing and lead nurturing, you'll be surprised at how many of your business processes can be made infinitely easier through automation. Leveraging these resources is the key to eliminating the time required to perform basic business functions.

3. Manage Passwords More Effectively

Did you know that more than 50% of workers can't find the information they need at work to do their job effectively? One of the main types of data they're always on the hunt to find? Their passwords!

While emerging technologies are quickly rendering traditional password entry obsolete, millions of workers are still forced to remember their key letter/number/symbol combinations on a daily basis.

Digging through emails trying to figure out usernames / passwords or going through password resets not only wastes time but can break your concentration levels.

As such, digital password management tools are essential. Until they can log into our computers with a selfie or make a payment with voice recognition, employees need a way to manage and organize their critical login information. Investing in an online password manager can help make sure they aren't locked out ever again.

Not only will these tools improve productivity, but they can also help your company avoid costly and time-consuming password reissues and resets. Integration can also play a big role in removing the need to remember passwords altogether and log into different systems.

Our conveyancing software, integrates with a range of services such the Land Registry and HRMC to retrieve information without having to login into their systems. The less platforms you need to use, the less passwords you need to remember the better your productivity.

4. Use Online Scheduling Apps

Are you still carrying a paper planner around everywhere? Do you have find yourself going back and forth, back and forth trying to arrange the best time for meetings or conference calls?

If so, it's time to invest in an online calendar app to instantly simplify and streamline your scheduling efforts.

When all of your team members are synced onto the same app, everyone is instantly notified the second a date is changed, or a new entry is added.

Apps like Calendly allow you open your calendar to others so they can quickly book a slot that works for them without revealing the details of your appointments. We use Calendly to allow prospects to quickly book a demo of Matter Centre. All they need to do is visit https://calendly.com/matter-centre/demo?month=2020-03 and select a time / date that works for them.

Once everyone is looking at the same calendar, you have some parameters around which to base your productivity. You never have to wonder if someone is available or can quickly reschedule a meeting if need be.

5. Look for Technology Add-Ons

Sometimes, an entirely new software solution isn't in the cards, or in the budget. In this case, there are plenty of free or inexpensive add-ons that can help you pull more functionality from the resources you already have.

For instance, if your team members already use Outlook, they can download a plug-in like Boomerang to help them set reminders, schedule e-mails, track their messages, and more. This simple move can help them clean up and simplify their inbox in minutes. Studies show that full inboxes waste 27 minutes every day, and organizing with simple folders wastes 14 minutes!

As such, this easy tool can save your teams more than 40 minutes a day on their email efforts alone!

Other productivity-based tools you may want to investigate include:

  • Zapier: Allows you to create simple integration between different online apps
  • Grammarly: Checks for grammar and spelling errors
  • Evernote: create, save and access notes across multiple devices
  • Unroll: Creates a single digest of your newsletter once per day

One last quick tip

If you’re still struggling to improve your productivity try giving the Pomodoro method a go? This is one of the most-used productivity techniques around, designed to promote effective time management. For the unfamiliar, the method is refreshingly simple:

  1. Work for 25 minutes
  2. Take a five-minute break

This method centres on the idea that when workers know they have a break coming up, they're more likely to work harder during those preceding 25 minutes.

Try These Productivity Methods Today

As a busy business leader, you don't have the time to waste on inefficiency. You need access to the productivity methods, tools and automation required to keep your business on track.

Any of the five techniques above can help you sharpen your focus, eliminate distractions and perform everyday tasks with less time and more ease. Try one yourself today and notice the difference it makes!

GlobalX specialises in helping law firms improve their productivity through both technology and outsourced services. Contact us today to learn more and let's connect.