matter centre Award-winning automation for conveyancers

Automate your conveyancing matter Microsoft Outlook & Word Integration GlobalX search integration Auto-populated forms & documents Fully customisable workflows

Save time & money compliantly
by streamlining your conveyancing processes with our automated software solution

Fully customisable workflows Fully customisable workflows

Fully customisable workflows

Unify your processes with automated workflows that generate tasks and reminders for any kind of conveyancing transaction.

Auto-populated forms & documents Auto-populated forms & documents

Auto-populated forms & documents

Never rekey information again. Data captured during the transaction can be used to populate correspondence and forms designed to your requirements.

GlobalX search integration GlobalX search integration

GlobalX search integration

Order your property searches from within the system and have the documents returned straight to the associated matter without any manual intervention.

Microsoft Outlook & Word Integration Microsoft Outlook & Word Integration

Microsoft Outlook & Word integration

Use the tools you’re used to. Save, edit and send emails and documents directly to and from the matter .

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Superior Service

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Superior Service

Matter Centre is more than just software. It’s the combined expertise and knowledge of GlobalX’s 30 years+ experience of serving the legal community.

Unlike practice management systems, Matter Centre has been built to meet the specific needs of UK conveyancers by conveyancers. It's been designed based on the feedback and input of our clients to solve the challenges they face daily.

When you order your searches through Matter Centre you can be confident that you’ll get back accurate results without delay from our award-winning service team.

DW Harris

“We at DW Harris are delighted and privileged to be the first UK high street law firm to use Matter Centre. It has been both rewarding and exciting to see the foundations of the system being built on and we look forward to using Matter Centre in the future. It has been so refreshing to engage and collaborate with GlobalX and the team in developing a system which perfectly addresses the daily requirements of a busy conveyancing department”.

What are the benefits of conveyancing software?


Improved compliance & transparency

With automated workflows you can ensure that each, and every, case follows the same exact procedures with complete transparency of who did what. You’ll also benefit from the automation of forms and letters, reducing rekeying and manuals errors and our built in ledger allows you to easily track payments made and received.


Enterprise grade data security

We understand the importance of keeping data safe and secure which is why we’ve built our system on top of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Microsoft’s enterprise grade platform comes with advanced security features you can trust and all your data is stored here in the UK to be compliant with data protection rules.


All correspondence in one convenient place

With our intuitive interface there’s no more digging around different folders for related documents or searching through colleagues sent items for correspondence. Everything you need is conveniently displayed on a single screen including key dates and contacts.


Save time & eliminate delays

Matter Centre reduces the administrative burden that comes with conveyancing. With integrated search ordering and delivery, auto-populated forms and conveyancing workflow templates you can spend less time on administration and more on growing your business.


Matter Centre is truly scalable, no limits, just simple pricing.

We have removed the burden of financial contracts and clunky out-dated on-premise software models to provide you with the most agile, intelligent and cost-effective software. Rather than expensive per user or per case models, our plans are unlimited with one simple plan that covers the cost of hosting and support.

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