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Guernsey Company Search

Get company reports, registry extracts and High Court results forcompanies registered in Guernsey

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Guernsey company information and reports

Whether you choose to search the Central Index of Winding Up Petitions or call Companies Court, you’re wasting valuable time and money. Obtaining results via the premium rate phone number takes on average over half an hour at a rate of 75p per minute which is lost unbillable time.

What information is available?

A full search of the Guernsey Registry will reveal the Date of Incorporation, Latest Change of Name, Main Objects, Registered Office, Date of Latest Annual Return, Directors Details (usually Nominees), Share Structure & Shareholders (usually Nominees), and Details of any insolvency / dissolution proceedings on file.

From 2009 Annual Returns for Guernsey Companies are to be known as Annual Validations and will no longer have to disclose shareholder information

While Guernsey does not keep any Registers of Bankruptcy or Désastre (a person’s assets are literally liquidated and distributed, leading to a possible state of insolvency and eventual renunciation (a form of discharge). It is highly likely that a person going Bankrupt or Désastre would have received a judgement against them. An individual judgement search can be carried out at the Court of Guernsey to determine this.

Guernsey Company Information

Product Service level Turnaround
Annual Return / Annual Validation (Guernsey) Standard 1 Hour
Certificate of Incorporation Standard Usually within 1-2 hours
Company Existence Check Standard 1 Hour
Company Profile (Guernsey) Standard 1 Hour
Company Profile Plus Standard 1 Hour
Copy Whole File Standard Quote returned within 1 hour
Electronic Certificate of Good Standing Standard 1 Hour
Full Search (Guernsey) Standard 1 Working Day
International Company Overview (ICO) Reports Standard Approx. 1 Working Day
International Individual Bankruptcy Check (Guernsey) Standard 1-2 Working Days
Memorandum & Articles Standard 1 hour if available electronically
RO and Date of Incorporation Standard 1 Hour

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