Fleximize Partners With GlobalX To Streamline Due Diligence

Published by Jonathan Bennett

Wednesday Mar 31 2021 Company News

Specialist SME financial lender Fleximize is the latest firm to team up with GlobalX to streamline their due diligence processes and minimise their risks.

Fleximize is a commercial lender that specialises in flexible business loans from between £5k and £500,000, providing a much-needed lifeline for the UK’s small business community. The company offers a range of financing solutions, including unsecured and secured loans with repayment holidays, top-ups and penalty-free early repayments, as well as more flexible criteria than high street banks.

Small businesses play an essential role in the UK economy, accounting for 99.9% (5.9 million) of the private sector population and generating a turnover around £2.2 trillion, according to a 2019 report from FSB.

Having already lent over £100 million to SMEs around the UK, and establishing itself as a market leader, Fleximize is now partnering with GlobalX to provide timely and accurate due diligence information as part of their client onboarding.

The vast majority of small businesses need funding before they can get anywhere close to turning a profit, but lending to companies that haven’t yet had the chance to prove themselves can be notoriously risky. And with high street lenders setting rigid restrictions, many new businesses miss out on essential finance to help them get started.

Fleximize chose to work with GlobalX as we offer an easy to use ordering platform and a guaranteed return time of just 15 minutes for winding up searches, dramatically reducing wait times for application approvals and enabling the lender to provide an even more efficient service to its customers.

This partnership heralds a new era for business lending, and as the number of new UK businesses registered every year continues to grow (672,890 new registrations in 2019, up 8.5% from the previous year and the highest number since 2010) it’s great news for the economy too.

GlobalX are a Hellios accredited firm that works with a range of firms in the financial sector from high-street banks to specialist lenders such as Fleximize. We are trusted to provide critical business information that informs risk management, compliance and strategic decisions.

Our latest work has seen us deliver data directly into our client’s systems as part of a workflow solution, enabling their employees to access information more efficiently and ensuring they adhere to company policy with minimal friction.