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Court Docket Search

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  • Track cases & get alerts when new filings are lodged
  • Order court documents online & we’ll retrieve them for you
  • No more time & money wasted spent contacting the courts
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Court Document Searches

Our Court Docket Search service allows you to monitor the progress of ongoing corporate ligation cases or be alerted when new cases are filed against a specific company. All our services can order on a pay-as-you-go basis or we can also offer a bespoke monthly subscription model allowing you to track a range of cases.

Daily court lists

Each day we search a comprehensive list of national and local Business and Property related courts, retrieving a list of all new cases filed. We collate all this information into one easy to follow document which can be purchased as a one-off or set up as a recurring order.

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Daily court lists

Keyword tracking

Our keyword case tracking service gives you options to track any new cases that have been lodged against a specified party. We can monitor for new cases that contain your chosen keyword either in the case title or party/participants as a one-off or as a monitoring service.

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Keyword tracking

Case tracking

Our new case tracking service allows you to track the ongoing progress of a chosen case and receive alerts when new filings are lodged. We can then retrieve any new or existing documents on your behalf.

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Case tracking

Court docket requests

We can perform litigation searches for any cases, past or present and return a detailed court docket detailing all documents filed, the case status, the parties involved, the representative law firms and an overview of the case.

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Court docket requests

Court document retrieval

Our court docket and tracking service will identify any available documents related to your chosen case. We can then on your request retrieve either all or a selection of documents at an additional charge.

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Court document retrieval

Awards & Industry Associations

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Benefits of our service

No more time & money wasted

No more time & money wasted spent contacting the courts

Ordered online, our Court Docket Search means you no longer need to send resources to the UK courts to search for documents; we do all the work for you.

Easy to digest data

Easy to digest data

At GlobalX, our mission is to make information easy - easy to order, easy to obtain, and easy to understand. Our Court Dockets, daily lists, and case alerts have been designed to present the results in a concise and convenient format.

Flexible monitoring

Flexible monitoring

How often and for how long we track a case, or keyword is entirely up to you. We can perform daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly searches. If you want a report every other week on a Tuesday, we can do that too. We’re entirely flexible, you specify when we should start tracking, when we should end and how often you would like the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Commercial Court
  • Admiralty Court
  • Technology and Construction Court
  • Business List
  • Financial List
  • Competition List
  • Intellectual Property List
  • Revenue List
  • Property, Trusts and Probate List
  • Queens Bench Division after 31/12/2018
  • The Queen’s Bench Division pre 2019 - These cases are held by the courts in paper format.
  • Administrative Court – going digital Spring 2020
  • For both the above courts we can only request all documents or documents filed after a specific date. We can’t request a list of documents that are available therefore we can’t produce a docket (we can specify the type of document you are interested in to save cost) We have to let the court know the maximum amount you would like to pay for the documents.
  • We can provide documents from the Competition Appeal Tribunal and the European Court of Justice as per request
  • We cannot actively cover cases from the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
  • We are not covering The Family Division (High Court), the Planning Court (Queens Bench Division) and county courts.
  • We can’t track any criminal or family cases as these are private.

We designed our new features in response to Bloomberg’s decision to foreclose their Court Docket tracker. Our unique service will begin from the 1st of August, so there are no gaps in your monitoring, but you can place orders ahead of this. If you are currently tracking high volumes of cases/keywords please send a spreadsheet of all existing orders so we can discuss the best way to process your order.

If you’re an existing customer, please contact your account manager, who will enable the product on your site and guide you through placing your first order.

For new clients, please complete the inquiry form above and one of our consultants will be in touch to get you set up and help you place your first order.

Court Docket requests are returned the same day, and case tracking will begin from your specified start date. Document request times can vary depending on whether they are available online or need to be requested directly from the Courts.

All of our searches and monitoring services can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis. If you need a high volume of monitored alerts, then please get in touch to discuss a bespoke subscription tailored to your needs.

Yes, we can design bespoke packages that will provide you with a complete picture including any winding up searches, companies house filings or insolvency checks against a company.

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