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  • A unique people with significant control search
  • Discover the interconnections between PSCs
  • Simply search for whether an individual or company acts as PSC
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People with Significant Control search

The introduction of the People with Significant Control (PSC) on Companies House was a significant step forward in identifying key benefactors behind companies.

While identifying the PSC of a company has become straight forward, what about the companies a person controls? We’ve developed a way to just that!

With our unique search, you can easily reveal what other companies an individual or compact control. Get to the bottom of complex corporate structure, discover potential conflicts of interests, identify AML red flags and connect PSCs like never before.

Simply enter an individual’s name and date of birth, and we’ll instantly search the register of people with significant control and return a bookmarked with the results. It’s that easy!

Peel away the layers of corporate entities quicker and easier.

Our solutions

Company acts as a PSC

Simply search by registered company name to reveal if the company acts as a PSC for any other companies

Dunn and Bradstreet Company Credit Reports

Individual acts as a PSC

Search by the Individual’s name and date of birth to reveal all companies where they act as a PSC

Corporate Tree Overview

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