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Commercial Property & Real Estate Searches

Commercial conveyancing searches and corporate due diligence

Whether it’s a single unit being purchased or the refinancing of 100s of stores we offer a bespoke same day quoting service that will allow you to keep the transaction moving without delay and a dedicated account manager who will keep you up-to-date throughout.

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At GlobalX, we help law firms with complex Real Estate and commercial property transaction providing value throughout the transaction from corporate due diligence through to completion and registering charges at Companies House.

We are one of the only search providers in the UK who can provide a comprehensive range of both company searches and property searches, making it easy to obtain the information you need.

We can provide company information such insolvency searches, AML and leasehold investigations to ensure both parties fully aware of the risks involved during the transactions.

As a specialist property search provider, we have access to a comprehensive range of searches including specialist commercial searches such as DevAssess or Groundsure Planview.

How we can help at each stage of a commercial property transaction


Why choose GlobalX as your commercial property search partner

account manager

Dedicated account manager

Our experienced property experts will assist you throughout the journey providing valuable advice and award-winning service.


Quick & accurate quotation

Our bespoke commercial ordering system allows you to receive upfront costs and timescales before you proceed with the order.

all your search needs

Single source for all your search needs

From due diligence to insurance, we offer everything a property law needs during a commercial transaction.


Trusted for 30 years

We’ve been providing the legal industry with critical information for over 30 years and all our searches are backed by a £10m professional indemnity policy

Get a no obligation quote for your next conveyancing project and compare our service, timescales and costs for yourself.

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Commercial Property searches withouttheheadache

When dealing with large scale or even small scale commercial properties, it’s imperative that you run all of the usual searches before a transaction goes ahead.

Accordingly, you place your order with your search provider on their online ordering platform and are given a set price to carry out this work. So, why do you then receive an email, phone call or additional invoice stating that the searches actually incur further costs?

This is due to the nature of commercial properties; each one is completely different! Unlike with residential properties, the standard fees set by both Local and Water Authorities more often than not incurs additional costs. So, when your search provider informs you that additional fees are required, you then have to present these unexpected fees to your own client, often delaying the process further.

So how come you weren’t quoted this price originally?

Well, accurate fees are usually only confirmed when the address and outlined plan have been submitted to the relevant authorities. There are set fees for the most basic of commercial properties or land, however it’s often the case that these authorities identify the property to comprise of one or more additional parcels which will most certainly incur additional fees. This process clearly isn’t ideal when ordering commercial property searches, and as a result we have come up with a solution to overcome these issues.

We offer the simplest method for ordering commercial property searches; just email us your requirements along with a plan and we’ll get back to you with upfront costs and timescales before you decide whether to proceed.

Get a no obligation quote for your next commercial searches and compare our service, timescales and costs for yourselves.

Get a no obligation quote for your next Commercial searches and compare our service, timescales and costs for yourself.

call 0800 197 1757 or email [email protected]

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