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COVID-19 Update: Latest changes to Local Authority turnaround times

As a leading provider of property, business and consumer information across England and Wales, GlobalX is committed to working closely with Local Authorities to ensure clients are kept up to date with the latest turnaround times and any expected delays.

Please be advised, estimated turnaround times are always subject to change and the following information is for guidance only. Please contact our customer services team directly for live information.

Local Authority Name Published Turnaround Time (2/11/2020) Published Turnaround Time (9/11/2020) Difference
Hackney London Borough Council 55 Days 60 Days (+) 5 Days
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council 40 Days 45 Days (+) 5 Days
West Berkshire District Council 65 Days 70 Days (+) 5 Days

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How GlobalX can help

We’re doing all we can to help our clients during these challenging times. If you are struggling to work remotely and don’t have access to your case management system outside of the office, we’re offering our cloud-based system Matter Center for FREE. We could get you set up and running with 1-2 days to help ease the burden. If you are interested in learning more email [email protected]