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UK Litigation Search

Reveal previous legal proceedings against a company or individual

  • All reports returned within 30 minutes*
  • No more time & money wasted spent contacting the courts
  • Direct from official sources and records in real-time
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of account holders from magic circle law firms to high street solicitors



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track and monitor any ongoing cases


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Fact gathering for corporate litigation, disputes, deals or mergers can be a time consuming and complex task if you don’t have access to the right resources.

Our Litigation Search makes it easy to examine the history of legal proceedings of any company or individual of your choice.

Our service is a reliable tool which enables you to discover whether a company or individual has been involved in any legal disputes in the past five years.

Our researches have direct access to a large database of UK court cases and legal proceedings including the following:

  • Admiralty Court (QBD)
  • Business List (ChD)
  • Chancery Appeals (ChD)
  • Commercial Court (QBD)
  • Competition List (ChD)
  • Financial List (ChD/QBD)
  • Insolvency and Company List (ChD)
  • Intellectual Property List (ChD)
  • Property Trusts and Probate Lists (ChD)
  • Revenue List (ChD), and Technology and Construction Court (QBD).

The report will reveal any legal proceedings or court cases on file directly from official source – we don’t any third party or scrapped data. All our searches are conducted in real-time, making them the most up to date on the market.

We can also track and monitoring any ongoing court cases and alert you of any updates, retrieve court documents on your behalf.

*during normal business hours of 9 – 4.30pm

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welsh Legal awards winner 2019 welsh business awards finalist Legal software supplier association UK ProTech Association the city legal information group BIALL The association of company registration agents
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